Why Choose NLP In Hypnosis

The Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® in Hypnosis™ Training emphasizes the elicitation of trance & various altered (brain) states & powerful ways to utilize these states along with NLP techniques in focused treatment & interventions for optimal & maximal functioning. This course focuses on NLP as applied in Trance (hypnosis). You will be prepared to conduct hypnosis sessions, changework & work with a multitude of issues in coaching, counseling, hypnotherapy & other applications as well (conversational trance, public speaking, leaderships/management/etc.).

With these techniques you will be empowered to:

  • Improve interpersonal communication by using language more elegantly & hypnotically - Conversational Trance & Changework
  • Understand the tremendous power of nonverbal signals, how people communicate with their gestures, movement, posture or entire body - Improve sensory acuity & utilization of these "intentional movements" & calibration skills
  • Resolve internal mental & emotional conflicts – Use NLP Patterns  Techniques to work directly with strategies of determination, confidence, resolution, decision, motivation & reassurance
  • Develop meaningful & desirable goals, Desired States & Outcomes & design clear strategies to achieve them
  • Design & Elicit & Install Well-formed & Desired Outcomes overcoming negative & limiting behaviors
  • Rid yourself & your clients of limiting beliefs quickly & Replace with +Empowering beliefs
  • Access your very best resources, states & skills to create new pathways (neural) to excellence
  • Engineer Powerful & Enhancing Emotional States that serve as resources for yourself & your clients right now & in the past
  • Focus & Commit to Living Your Life with Excellence each & every day of your life - Commit!

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Attend & earn your certification from the Society of NLP signed personally by Dr. Richard Bandler. Continuing Education is provided for Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists & Nurses (State of Florida) for the full course.
This course meets the requirements to practice Hypnosis (licensed professionals) in the State of FL.

How much does the NLP In Hypnosis course cost?

The cost for the course is now just $2000 (Regular $2400).
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What you Will Learn:

Personal message from Elvis Lester
My work focuses on excellence, resourcefulness & accessing your talents & always has.  The models I teach & utilize all articulate, marvelous transformational tools & very powerful skills & techniques that you can use for both personal & professional growth in various areas including sales & marketing, leading & managing, negotiating & relating, counseling & coaching & many other areas of life. Together we’ll create & generate a ferociously joyful learning experience & provide you a cutting-edge training experience you will long remember!

I guarantee that You will learn skills to view from multiple perspectives, do clean state accessing & shifting, achieve clarity of purpose & direction, & much, much more. You will learn multiple techniques for change (changework & trancework), a systematic model for conducting therapy & coaching from an NLP & Ericksonian perspective integrating hypnosis & specific tools that will enhance not only your counseling but also add to your coaching & leadership, motivation & influence skills. You will participate in several hours of practical & supervised experience working with hypnosis, inducing trance, eliciting hypnotic phenomean & conducting change in trance with NLP techniques.

This training will specifically empower you to direct your personal powers of mind-and-emotion, passion & commitment to outcomes that will enrich your life & the lives of others. With emphasis on Advanced Modeling, you will learn skills & strategies of finding, detecting, designing, & installing expertise & excellence with more intention by design. We assist you in identifying & working with the very structure of experience & accessing your own powerful & pleasurable states helping you & others produce maximum results & enjoyment in life. GO FOR IT!!! Contact Elvis for more info now at 813-221-5466.

ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA is an approved provider of CEUs
State Of Florida
- Division of Medical Quality Assurance – BAP#289 – CE Broker# - 50-1190 – Exp. 3/2021. Nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers/Certified Master Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists & Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC, LMFT, LCSW) as well as Licensed Psychologist & Limited Licensed Psychologists. Sessions (or programs) for which approved clock hours will be awarded are identified in the program bulletin or listing on the website. This course meets the standards for approval of continuing education courses set forth in Rule 64B4-6.002, F.A.C, & is taught by qualified teacher of hypnosis as defined in Rule 64B4-7.003.

NBCCH (http://www.natboard.com). ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA is approved to provide Hypnotherapy training qualified toward 50 hours required by the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH, Inc.) for certification as a National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. ExecuLearn® & E. Keith Lester, PA maintains sole responsibility for content & quality of training program.